Green-Wing (Red And Green) Macaws For Sale

$1,300.00 $700.00


Green-Wing (Red And Green) Macaws For Sale

$1,300.00 $700.00

Breed: Macaw Parrot
Species: Green Wing (Red and Green)Macaw
Age: 2.8 years
shipping: Free within US.
Reservation: SOLD


Second in size only to the hyacinth macaw, which is the largest parrot, the 
green-wing macaw is often known as a gentle giant, due to its calm disposition. 
Its brilliant color and temperament make it a favorite family pet for those who 
have the space and time to care for such a large bird.


Those interested in adopting a green-wing macaw should keep in mind that these birds, however tame and affectionate they may seem, are still parrots and will behave like parrots. They get loud, and their screeching makes them unsuitable companions for those who live in an apartment or other close quarters. They are also avid chewers, and with beaks that are incredibly powerful, the potential for serious home damage or physical injury is present for a bird with behavioral problems.


Green-wing macaws are one of the larger parrot species, with mature adults measuring up to 40 inches from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers, with a wingspan of up to 49 inches. The largest adults can weigh as much as 60 oz. (3.75 lbs.).

Average Lifespan

On average, a well-cared-for pet green-wing macaw will live for about 50 years, however, there have been reports of green-wing macaws living well into their 80s. Before you adopt one, make sure you’re willing to make a lifetime commitment—or have children who want to inherit the bird.

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