Buffon/Great Green Macaws For Sale

$1,000.00 $500.00


Buffon/Great Green Macaws For Sale

$1,000.00 $500.00

Breed: Macaw Parrot
Species: Buffon/Great Green Macaws
Age: 2.9 years
shipping: Free within US.
Reservation: SOLD


The Buffon's Macaw Ara ambiguus is also known as the Great Green Macaw or the Grand 
Military Macaw.The name Great Green Macaw is truly descriptive. They are not only the
largest parrot in their region, but the Buffon's overall coloration is green, becoming
blue around the lower back and rump as well as the undertail coverts (the feathers 
from the belly leading into the tail). It has a strong scarlet red forehead and the 
tail is a subdued red-brown tipped in blue. This is one of the more hefty of the large 
Macaws, reaching 33 to 36" (85 - 90 cm) in length and weighing up to 2.9 pounds (1.3 
kg).  The Buffon's Macaw is very similar in appearance to its close cousin, the Military
Macaw Ara militaris.


The Grand military macaw is a good-natured bird who is easily tamed with the right care and socialization. In the wild, they are rarely alone, living in pairs or flocks of 10 to 20 birds, and they’ll bring this instinct into their home with humans. Though some can prefer one person—or even men or women—socializing them with a variety of people will help the bird be friendly to a variety of people.

These birds can be quite affectionate with the right owner, though they can be cranky at times as well. They’re known to be nippy if they’re not happy or well trained. It’s an attribute common in macaws and many owners find that their bird’s mood often reflects their own.

They can also become a “watch bird” of sorts, letting you know when something’s not right around the house. For instance, they might tell you when a stranger is at the door. Military macaws do like routine, whether it’s knowing when you’re expected home or that it’s dinner time.


This species is among the larger birds of the parrot family, with some military macaws reaching up to 30 inches from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers. They can have wingspans of over 40 inches and adults typically weigh about 2 pounds. They are nearest in size to the scarlet macaw and one of the smallest large macaws.

Average Lifespan

Military macaws are long-lived birds, with some individuals living for up to 50 years or longer.

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